1st Quarter 2024 Newsletter

Beyond the headlines:
Finding faith and strength in Haiti

Haiti, a nation battered by gang violence and daily struggles, reflects the plight of the oppressed everywhere. Psalm 9:9 speaks directly to their condition: “The Lord will be a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.”

Imagine a refuge. It’s not a place on a map, but a shelter from the storm within. When the sound of bullets replaces birdsong, and the fight for food dominates daily life, God becomes that refuge.

Amidst these challenges, Haiti’s greatest hope lies in its children as they represent the unfulfilled potential of a nation. The world they build will determine the trajectory of the country. Because children hold so much promise, they are an investment in the future.

At Schools for Haiti, we believe education goes beyond textbooks. This includes fostering critical thinking skills, ethical values, and a sense of social responsibility. We’re passionate about nurturing well-rounded individuals capable of having a real impact on Haiti. Here are some of our recent highlights:

  • To ignite creativity and joy, we’ve added engaging music and art programs to our curriculum.
  • We’re keeping pace with the digital age by expanding Starlink internet access and equipping new computer labs with 120 laptops.
  • Sustainability is important to us, so both Sharpe and theChapel schools now run on solar power.
  • And that’s not all! We recently launched a groundbreaking Construction school, giving older students valuable trade skills for a bright future.


Ignite the hope within:
Be a Dream Builder for Haitian children

Do you dream of a world where every child has the chance to learn, grow, and thrive? Then it’s not too late to join our Dream Builder movement!

Mark your calendars! Our annual Gala is coming to Tampa, Florida on April 20th at the vibrant Armature Works. Get ready for an unforgettable evening filled with excitement and purpose! Bid on incredible items in our silent and live auctions, test your luck with fun games, and create memories that last. Can’t make it to Tampa? Don’t worry! We’re hosting another Gala in Madison, Wisconsin on April 27th – visit our website (schoolsforhaiti.com) for all the details.

But the impact doesn’t stop at the gala! Even a small contribution can make a life-changing difference. For just $35 a month, you can become a Dream Builder and provide a Haitian child with a year of Christian education and a nourishing daily meal.

Imagine: a world where children aren’t burdened by hunger. Where backpacks overflow with books, and classrooms resonate with music and laughter. Your generosity can make this a reality. Donate today and be the reason a child’s dreams take flight!


Crisis in Haiti:
Millions face hunger, but hope endures

Haiti is grappling with a devastating hunger crisis. Nearly half the population (4.97 million people), according to the World Food Programme, is facing acute food insecurity, struggling to find enough food. For 1.9 million, the situation is even more critical, with emergency levels of food insecurity threatening their survival. Children are especially vulnerable, with chronic malnutrition affecting 22% of children under 5 and a staggering 66% suffering from anemia due to inadequate nutrition.

But amidst this hardship, there is hope. Schools for Haiti ensures that our students receive a hot, nutritious meal every school day. Last year alone, we delivered 358,000 meals during the school year and an additional 105,000 over Christmas to help families celebrate.

Our dream is even bigger. We want to provide nourishing meals to our students every day, all year round (not just the 180 school days). This will ensure their health and well-being, giving them the best chance to succeed in life.

Will you help us achieve this dream? Your contribution can make a world of difference in the lives of these vulnerable children. Here’s what this means:

  • Stronger, healthier students: Proper nutrition fuels their bodies and minds.
  • Improved focus and learning: They can concentrate on their studies, not their empty stomachs.
  • Reduced absenteeism: They’ll be less likely to miss school due to illness.
  • Brighter futures: They’ll have the foundation to thrive and reach their full potential.

Together, we can turn the tide on hunger in Haiti.


Building futures:
How SFH keeps Djoulie’s dreams alive

My name is Djoulie Israel. Sharpe Christian Academy has been my home since fourth grade, and my passion for learning has never faltered, even amidst Haiti’s challenges. Now, as a fourteen-year-old in eighth grade, I’m crushing it in all subjects, especially French (my absolute favorite!). My strong performance across the board is a testament to my hard work and potential.

But academics aren’t all that drive me. I have a clear vision: becoming a successful businesswoman. With my determination and unwavering spirit, I have no doubt I’ll make it happen.

I also strive to inspire my peers. Every day, I bring gratitude and positivity, even with the difficulties our country faces. I’m incredibly thankful for the education Sharpe offers, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!


From despair to hope:
A mountainside school reborn

Imagine a small school perched on a Haitian mountainside, its future uncertain. In 2015, that was the reality for Sharpe Christian Academy, just 15 minutes north of Montrouis. On the brink of closure, the school faced a bleak future.

But then, hope arrived. Thanks to the incredible sponsorship of Michael and Marna Sharpe, Sharpe Christian Academy was given a remarkable new lease on life! Gone are the days of struggle. Today, the school boasts:

  • A sparkling kitchen: Delicious, nourishing meals fuel the minds and bodies of over 300 students!
  • Brand new desks: Learning is more comfortable and productive for students from Kindergarten through 10th grade.
  • A vibrant splash of color: A fresh coat of paint brightens the learning environment.
  • Clean, refreshing water: The health and well-being of the students is a top priority.
  • A window to the digital world: A computer lab opens doors to new knowledge and opportunities.
  • Sustainable power: Solar energy keeps the lights on and the future bright!

Sharpe Christian Academy is no longer a school on the brink, but a thriving center of education and hope for hundreds of Haitian children. This is the power of generosity!


Building the future, brick by brick:
Students to construct new Construction School!

Just like skilled trades are the foundation of a strong society, Haiti’s future is being built on a commitment to education and opportunity. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the groundbreaking of our new Construction School!

This isn’t just any school – the most exciting part is that the students themselves will gain hands-on experience by constructing the very building where they’ll learn valuable skills in carpentry, plumbing, and electrical work.

This innovative approach is a testament to our dedication to supporting these vital professions. By empowering students to build their own learning environment, we’re not just creating skilled tradespeople, we’re building a stronger Haiti, brick by brick.


Empty plates translate to empty classrooms. Haiti’s future is hungry. 2.4 million children lack the fuel to learn, jeopardizing not just their own potential, but the nation’s.

Please fill plates and classrooms with hope by clicking the ‘Give Now’ button which will take you to our giving page. If you prefer to give by check, you can mail your donation to:

Schools for Haiti
C/O Gil Bailie
PO Box 273848
Tampa, FL 33688

Please know that you are all in our prayers. We pray that you will continue to see God at work in a mighty way during this time. God bless you and your families.

Blessings to all,

Schools for Haiti Team