In the summer of 2004, a serendipitous encounter with a young man named Daniel Michel marked the beginning of a remarkable journey in Montrouis, Haiti. Daniel, a product of an orphanage, carried a vision close to his heart—to establish a Christian school that would illuminate the futures of children in his village. With unwavering determination and newfound support, this vision materialized in 2006, as the doors of the school swung open to welcome its first 12 eager learners. Little did they know, this modest start would burgeon into a beacon of hope for thousands.

Over the ensuing years, our efforts blossomed. Today, we proudly nurture approximately 2,000 students across ten schools, not only imparting knowledge but also ensuring each child receives a daily nutritious meal. Beyond education, we extend our embrace to orphaned and abandoned children through two lovingly crafted homes, where they find solace, care, and the opportunity to thrive.

The impact of our collective endeavor radiates through the bright minds and spirited demeanors of the children we support. These young individuals, nurtured in an environment steeped in faith and learning, not only excel academically but also carry themselves with grace and a palpable eagerness to embrace the world’s possibilities. We firmly believe that education, bolstered by unwavering faith in God and oneself, serves as the cornerstone upon which these children will build their dreams and effect enduring change within their communities.

Our aspirations stretch far beyond the confines of the classroom. We envision each child forging a profound relationship with God, unlocking their potential, and mastering the English language—a crucial tool for global communication and opportunity. With steadfast conviction, we anticipate that these empowered youth will not only transform their own lives but also serve as catalysts for positive change throughout Haiti. Who knows? Perhaps among them stands the future President of Haiti, embodying the transformative impact of quality education and resolute faith.

As we embark upon our thirteenth year and beyond, our commitment remains resolute: to shape Haiti’s future one child at a time. We invite you to join us in this transformative mission, to empower the young hearts and minds of Haiti, for they are the authentic harbingers of hope and agents of profound change.

Together, let us script a narrative of transformation, resilience, and boundless possibilities for Haiti’s children.

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