Our Beginning

In 2004, we met a young man from Haiti named Daniel Michel who was in the states learning how to operate a drilling rig for water in Haiti. Daniel grew up in an orphanage in Haiti. He learned to read and write in both English and French. He finished trade school and was starting to teach English in a missionary school in Haiti. He shared with us his desire to start a Christian school in his village, Montrouis, (pronounced Mo Wee) which is 57km north of Port-au-Prince.

The school opened in 2006 with 12 children. The first year was very successful, in fact so successful that we were supporting over 100 children with seven teachers by year-end. Starting our thirteenth year this September, we will support approximately 2,000 students in ten schools with a quality education and a nutritious meal every school day. We also support two children’s homes. These children are orphans or abandoned children.

We are very proud of the children and the schools. The children are smart, well behaved and eager to learn. We know that the schools are making a difference in their lives. Many of these children would not have an opportunity to go to school if the schools we support were not available to them.

Our goal for the children is for them to create a personal relationship with God and Jesus Christ, to believe in themselves and their ability to attain their dreams, and to acquire a quality education and learn the English language.

We believe that these children will make an impact on the lives of their siblings, peers, parents and others they meet. One of our kids could become the future President of Haiti.

We are making a difference in their lives.

They will make a difference in the future of Haiti!

We need your help to make all of this possible.