Mission and Vision Trips

Over 60 Mission Trips – Countless Lives Changed
Our Mission Trips immerse participants in meaningful work alongside our Haitian team, from teaching English and sharing the word of God to building brighter futures for children through hands-on projects. They forge deep connections with the community, experiencing their culture firsthand and building lasting friendships. Mission Trips ignite personal growth through spiritual exploration, challenging perspectives and discovering strengths amidst the vibrant Haitian spirit. Many participants report returning home with a heart full of stories and a renewed sense of purpose.

12 Vision Trips – Touched, Connected, Transformed
Participants experience transformative journeys on our short-term Vision Trips, where they embark on immersive pilgrimages for the soul. These trips not only foster spiritual growth through introspection but also provide meaningful encounters with Haitian culture and
community. These journeys enable participants to forge authentic connections with Haiti’s vibrant spirit, establishing genuine relationships with locals, including our children and team.

On Hold
The current humanitarian crisis in Haiti has made it temporarily unsafe for travel. No trips are planned for this year. We hope to resume both Mission and Vision Trips next year.