Third Quarter 2019 Newsletter

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support for the Schools for Haiti mission. Without your support our mission would not be possible. Every day, Schools for Haiti is making a difference in the lives of our students through the Word of God, education and nutrition. The third quarter of 2019 has been a time of challenges and celebration. We would like to thank our mission teams, ministry partners and staff for all of their hard work this quarter.
We are proud to celebrate the kick-off of our 14th school year. Your support has allowed us to provide a Christ-centered education to nearly 2,000 students in ten schools. We are serving nearly 10,000 nutritious meals every week thanks to your generous giving. Schools for Haiti would like to thank all our school sponsors, donors, short-term missionaries and prayer partners for their support.

Update from Milca Pierre, Managing Director in Haiti

For the past 4 months, I have been building rapport with SFH staff members and school principals while also learning the history and evolution of our schools. Starting any new job is challenging especially in an environment that is so different, wonderfully beautiful and complicated as Haiti. Yet, I am excited and motivated for all of the opportunities we have to make a difference in Haiti. Over the last quarter, I have facilitated 3 principal workshops, 3 teacher workshops, overseen the (re)opening of a new school – our 10th – personally delivered school supplies to each one of our teachers and established strong relationships with each member of our team. We are working hard every day to serve our schools, our students, and our communities. I am in awe of God’s ability to replenish us every morning. I am excited for the opportunity to continue implementing progressive strategies that will increase student performance, improve teacher quality, motivate our parents to engage more in their children’s education and help our principals become better leaders and stewards. I invite you to serve with me, in any and every way that God puts on your heart. A prayer, a donation, school supplies, teaching materials and even sharing your own ideas for success can have a great impact on our students. Of course, you are always welcome to come and visit with us through one of our Mission/Vision trips in Haiti. I thank you in advance for your support and look forward to being able to provide you with even more exciting updates next quarter.

Special Updates from the Field

Schools for Haiti is proud of the many accomplishments from our mission teams on the ground. Your efforts are impacting the lives of thousands of people in Haiti.
Here are some highlights from each team:

This Celebration team is third team sent this year from Celebration Church in Jacksonville, FL.

✦ Performed fun and engaging VBS programs at 3 of our schools.
✦ Painted the Kelly School and the Grace School in preparation for the new school year
✦ Made 150 prepackaged meals and distributed them to the communities where our students live.
✦ Ministered to 25 children at a local orphanage. Many of these children are considered “special needs.”

The Haiti 2 team is a group of 16 members from Grace Family Church in Tampa, FL.

✦ Performed fun and engaging VBS programs at 4 different schools.
✦ Prayed for SFH teachers and staff and gave a motivating talk to the students to dedicate the new school year.
✦ Painted the Rock School classrooms in preparation for the new school year.
✦ Ministered to the children at a local orphanage.
✦ Made 150 prepackaged meals and distributed to the communities where our students live.

Update on Political Situation in Haiti

Many of you have heard about the ongoing protests and demonstrations throughout Haiti. The people continue to deal with food and fuel shortages on a daily basis. This has caused many people to react through protests calling for the president of Haiti to resign. Our staff continues to operate day to day in preparation for the mass protests to subside. As you know, the living conditions in Haiti are already some of the most desperate throughout the world. The ongoing protests cause commerce to be paralyzed and add to the daily struggle. Please pray for the people of Haiti, our students and staff to be able to persevere through this difficult time.

Pray for Schools for Haiti
✦ Please pray for our students, their families, our teachers, staff and principals.
✦ The people we are reaching through local community outreach and local churches. Pray they would hear the gospel and respond in such a way that would transform their lives.
✦ Our mission teams who are serving with us in 2019.
✦ Political situation in Haiti. Pray for good leadership in Haitian government.
✦ God to raise Christian leaders within our schools.
✦ The ongoing fundraising and development efforts of the Educational Vision Complex.
✦ Wisdom for our Directors in all things.

Special Support Needs
✦ 15-passenger van for local transportation of our mission and vision team.
✦ $15,000 for school bus to ship to Haiti. We are partnering with another organization called Fish Company to raise enough funds to ship,
✦ $15,000 donations for each solar electricity system. We need a total of five.