Second Quarter 2019 Newsletter

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support for Schools for Haiti. Without your support our mission would not be possible. Everyday Schools for Haiti is making a difference in the lives of our students through the Word of God, education and nutrition. The second quarter of 2019 has been action-packed. Our mission teams, ministry partners and staff put in a lot of work and were rewarded by seeing God move in a mighty way.

We just finished our 13th school year at the end of June. Your support has allowed us to provide a Christ-centered education to 1,800 students in 11 schools and serve over 400,000 hot meals throughout the school year. Schools for Haiti would like to thank all our school sponsors, donors, short-term missionaries and prayer partners for their support.

New Addition to SFH Team

We are proud to announce Milca Pierre as our new Managing Director in Haiti. Milca has over 12 years of experience in nonprofit leadership, education, organizational development and, freight forwarding. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Chicago, Ms. Pierre started her professional career as a teacher with Teach for America. Soon after, she returned to U of C to pursue a master’s degree in Political Science. Following this degree program, she moved back to her hometown of Miami, Florida and spent the next four years implementing leadership workshops for young Haitian Americans. In 2013, Milca traveled to Haiti, where she started a freight-forwarding company and later, a non-profit organization that implemented sustainable development projects in the Artibonite Valley. Her biggest project was to organize a 148-member farmer’s network whose members produced 21 different fruits and vegetables on roughly 690 acres of land in the valley. She is excited to return to the field of education as the Managing Director for Schools for Haiti and looks forward to helping the us truly change the future of Haiti for the better.

Special Updates from the Field

Schools for Haiti is proud of the many accomplishments from our mission teams on the ground. Your efforts are impacting the lives of thousands of people in Haiti.

This has been our most active mission season in history. In just two months, Schools for Haiti was able to host over 100 missionaries serving on seven different teams. In just two months, our mission teams made over 5000 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for our students, served over 5000 hot lunches at our schools, distributed 2000 toothbrushes to our students, distributed 1000 prepackaged meals to the community, personally prayed for over 1000 people, witnessed over 150 professions of faith in Jesus, performed 20 VBS programs at our schools, performed nine marriage ceremonies, installed seven clean water systems, performed four worship services and built three roofs for our school buildings.

Here are some highlights from each team:

The SEU team is a group of 28 college students and leaders from the Grace Family Church campus in Tampa, FL.

✦ Performed fun and engaging VBS programs at seven different schools.
✦ Made 2300 Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for our students.
✦ Made 300 prepackaged meals and distributed to the communities where our students live.
✦ Performed four worship services at four of our schools with over 600 attendees.
✦ In each service they prayed for the sick, the lame, the oppressed, the blind and the dying.
✦ Witnessed over 100 new professions of faith.

The Haiti 1 team is a group of 16 members from Grace Family Church in Tampa, FL.

✦ Performed fun and engaging VBS programs at four different schools.
✦ Awarded 25 backpacks to top students at three different schools.
✦ Through the leadership of Dr. Sanjie Jackson, taught a dental hygiene program at every school and gave out 2,000 toothbrushes to students and teachers.
✦ Made 200 prepackaged meals and distributed to the communities where our students live.

The One Ball One Village team is a group from Tampa, FL and Haiti who specialize in clean water systems.

✦ Installed clean water systems in five of our schools. Also installed water systems at a local medical clinic and orphanage with 25 children.
✦ Check out this link to see the work performed at our Lacey Lee School OBOV Video.

The Celebration Family team is a group from Celebration Church in Jacksonville, FL. There were 18 total team members. eight of the team members were under 14 years old.

✦ Performed fun and engaging VBS programs at three of our schools.
✦ Personally, prayed for over 200 sick and oppressed children at three of our schools.
✦ Made 200 prepackaged meals and distributed them to the community at Rock School.
✦ Three children from the mission team were saved on the trip.
✦ Witnessed over 50 new professions of faith.

The GFC Home Builders trip was a specialized trip to perform our pre-marital teaching and wedding ceremonies. This group was led by Pastor Chris and Helene Rinklin from Grace Family Church in Tampa, FL.

✦ Hosted a beach side wedding for nine couples at the SFH Educational Vision Complex.
✦ Donated wedding dresses and suits for each couple from the Dresses for Haiti donation drive at Grace Family Church.
✦ Held transformational pre-married workshop with six total sessions for nine couples.
✦ Translated workshop materials in Creole and distributed to pastors of five different churches.
✦ Hosted a two-night family and marriage conference at Rock Church with over 500 attendees.
✦ Blessed and anointed the homes of five newly married couples.

The Texas Work team is a group of skilled workers from Grace Church in Newton, TX.

✦ Installed a new roof at Grace School, Alyssa School and Rock School. These roofs were much needed due to leaks and weather damage.
✦ Built out an office, storage room and conference room at the Schools for Haiti office. We now have a large conference room to host Principal meetings and trainings.

This was a combined team consisting of members of Celebration Church, Grace Family Church and Grace Church (Texas).

✦ Performed fun and engaging VBS programs at three of our schools.
✦ Made 150 prepackaged meals and distributed them to the communities where our students live.
✦ Ministered to 25 children at a local orphanage. Many of these children are considered “special needs.”

Pray for Schools for Haiti
✦ Please pray for our students, their families, our teachers, staff and principals.
✦ The people we are reaching through local community outreach and local churches. Pray they would hear the gospel and respond in such a way that would transform their lives.
✦ Our mission teams who are serving with us in 2019.
✦ God to raise Christian leaders within our schools.
✦ The ongoing fundraising and development efforts of the Educational Vision Complex.
✦ Wisdom for our Directors in all things.

Special Support Needs
✦ 15-passenger van for local transportation of our mission and vision team.
✦ $15,000 donations for each solar electricity system. We need a total of five.