Headline Alert

Good news for our beloved donors and wonderful friends!

You’ve likely seen the headlines: “Chaos unfolds in Haiti” and “Violence and Displacement Soar.” It’s a challenging time for the country.

But here’s some good news: In our corner of Haiti (Montrouis, about 57 miles from the capital), things are different. Our schools remain open, and our food trucks are delivering nourishing meals as usual. The children are still eager to learn, and our mission to provide a Christian-based education continues!

Why the difference? We have long-standing safety protocols in place, and we’ve added extra security measures to ensure everyone’s well-being. We’re installing three more StarLink satellite internet capabilities to ensure communications remain robust and uninterrupted. Thanks to your support, we continue to be a beacon of hope for these children, even amidst the challenges.

Here’s what you can do: Keep these precious kids in your prayers. We’ll keep you updated on the situation. In the meantime, we continue to fulfill our mission – providing a Christian-based education and essential meals to Haiti’s deserving children.


For more information, contact:
Gil Bailie
(813) 220-3433