First Quarter 2019 Newsletter

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support for the children of Haiti. Without your support our mission would not be possible. Every day, Schools for Haiti is making a difference in the lives of the children of Haiti through the Word of God, education and nutrition. The first quarter of 2019 has been challenging and motivating. God is strengthening us for our calling to educate, feed and love the least of these in Haiti. We would like to thank all our school sponsors, donors, short-term missionaries and prayer partners for their support.

Special Updates from the Field

Schools for Haiti is proud of the many accomplishments from our mission teams on the ground. Your efforts are impacting the lives of thousands of people in Haiti. We would like to recognize all members of the Wisconsin Group for meeting so many needs while visiting our schools and local orphanages. We would also like to recognize Fish Company for their partnership in Haiti to empower women through their building of a sewing school and improving the living conditions of a local orphanage. These projects benefit the communities where our students live and help create opportunities for their families.

The Bailie Family/Berkely Prep Team also made a very important contribution to the needs of the young girls in our schools. The Period Project is in its second year and continues to effectively keep our girls enrolled in school once they have reached the age of menstruation. There has been an overwhelming response by so many people around the world donating feminine products for us to take down to Haiti. The next phase of the project is to purchase the machine to make the feminine products in Haiti and empower the Haitian women to take ownership in their health and education.

Thank you to Dr. Sanjie Jackson for taking time away from her dental practice to provide dental work for some of our students in Haiti. Sanjie was able to work on at least 30 children in just a two-day period. Sanjie’s work is helping to bring important hygiene awareness to the students in our schools.

We are proud to report that the foundation for the Phillip Elementary School and Wisconsin High School is complete. Our plans are on schedule to finish building both schools by mid-summer. We will start classes for the 2019-2020 school year in September.

Pray for Schools for Haiti
✦ Please pray for our students, their families, our teachers, staff and principals.
✦ The people we are reaching through local community outreach and local churches. Pray they would hear the gospel and respond in such a way that would transform their lives.
✦ Our mission teams who are serving with us in 2019.
✦ God to raise Christian leaders within our schools.
✦ The ongoing development of the Educational Vision Complex.
✦ Wisdom for our Directors in all things.

Special Support Needs
✦ Pickup truck for food transportation construction deliveries.
✦ 15-passenger van for local transportation of our mission and vision team.
✦ $12,000 donation for machine and equipment to make feminine products in Haiti.
✦ $3,000 donation for material to finish eight clean water systems at our schools.
✦ $15,000 donations for each solar electricity system. We need a total of five.